Brother Printer is a globally reputed printer manufacturer which so far has presented the users with cutting-edge printers featured with wireless technology and more. But like other companies, they also have come up with a series of errors that can be involved with the hardware, firmware, malware attacks and when the memory of the device is full. Printers often face errors because of the presence of any foreign body or dirt. It’s high time that the users clean the device thoroughly and do the needful to solution the Brother printer error.

Have you been using a Brother Printer for quite some time? Have you ever faced the Light error in the printer which is a commonly known issue in the Brother Printers? Many also call it a type of drum issue. Usually, the error occurs with the things like—Overrunning of the printer, Fuser cover left open, memory full, Front cover opening, Size error DX, Duplex Disabled, Jam inside, Jam Duplex, Jam Tray 1, etc.

If you wish to know how to Fix Brother Printer Error Light, you can fix the error on your own. Whenever you find the same light error showing on your printer; before calling a professional printer technician, follow the given steps below to resolve the issue.

Step 1

  • To cancel the printing, press the Job Cancel button
  • Next, get your quick access to the Print Queue by double-clicking the Printer option at the task dock.
  • Delete the printing job from the print queue
  • By keeping the front cover closed, turn OFF the power switch button of the printer situated at the left-hand side of the device
  • Now, you have to Turn ON the power button while keep pressing the Go switch and wait until the Toner, Drum, and Paper LED’s show the light.
  • When you release the Go button, all the lights will turn off.
  • Keep pressing the Go button for eight times that will allow the Green Status LED light to flash for a while, while the printer is resetting.
  • After resetting, the Status LED will turn into a green light.
  • Now, by pressing the Go button thrice, Print the Print Settings.
  • If the Print Setting Pages don’t print and the Paper LED is turned ON, try the next steps.

Step 2: Check the Paper and the Paper Cassette

  • Take out the Paper tray from the printer
  • Inset the legal sized pages on the paper tray
  • Make sure that the papers are kept properly and kept in a flat position, and you have stored right amount of pages below the maximum paper mark.
  • Now reinstall the paper cassette on the back side of the printer.
  • Press the Go tab
  • If the light is gone, then you’re on the right track, if not, you have to follow some more steps.

Step 3

  • Check the paper jam
  • Clean the jammed paper and try printing

If the issue remains, call a technician.

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