If you want to connect your Canon Printer to your MAC OS device using Bluetooth, then you’d require following the below-offered steps carefully. Let’s not waste further time and get started. Here’s presenting the narrative that explains how to connect canon printer to mac via Bluetooth.

Please note: If the Mac OS device came with the installed Bluetooth or you’re using your USB Bluetooth adapter, then you can accordingly print from your Bluetooth-enabled printer wirelessly. But if that does not work, here’s how to connect canon printer to mac via Bluetooth.

Connect Canon Printer To MAC Via Bluetooth: Simple Steps to Follow

Step 1: Updating The Software

On the Mac device, the first thing that you require doing is to update the software. For this reason, you will have to select the Apple Menu. From there, select the system preferences and click the software update option. Then, the next thing that you need to do is to install the software update.

If you see no updates are appearing, it’s a good sign. After all, it ensures that your macOS device has been updated with the most current software! In case you skip the step, you will see a message popping up saying that a new software update is available!

Step 2: Updating Support for AirPrint

AirPrint-compatible printers are extremely useful to get connected to a macOS device. However, for canon printers, there’s a different story!

As canon printers do not support AirPrint, you will require updating the firmware. For updating it, it is imperative to obtain Firmware Updater from your Canon download library. Upon which, you can follow the process for updating it.

Step 3: Preparing The Printer

Now that you have got your Bluetooth-enabled Canon printer AirPrint alongside updated, it is time to get prepared for the pivotal step. In the third step, you need to consider reading the printer directory. Use the instructional guide to unpack the printer first. After which, it’s time to install the toner or ink.

Now that you are ready with the installation, it’s crucial to add paper. For this reason, all you require doing is to turn the printer on and ensure that it is not displaying any kinds of errors or technical glitches.

Step 4: Connecting The Printer

After accomplishing the prior step, here’s where you need to get more accurate with whatever you are performing to connect the canon printer to your macOS device. For this purpose, you are required to connect the printer. For this reason, follow the instructions as mentioned in the canon printer’s book, Ensure that it is ready to get connected with the Bluetooth.

Now’s the time to add the Bluetooth printer to the printer list! For this reason, follow the below-offered instructions:

Select the Apple menu >> Choose the System Preferences >> Click on the option that mentions: Printers & Scanners >> Select the button where you see an Add option >> Choose the Default button

After this, all you need to do is choose your printer in the list and click on the ‘Add’ option. If your printer is not listed, you need to enter the name in the search bar and then click on the Return option.

One Quick Note: If your printer doesn’t appear in the list, make sure you have the latest Bluetooth driver for the printer installed.

Now that you’re ready, follow these steps to complete the procedure:

  • Firstly, check the Bluetooth unit has got properly attached to the printer
  • Install the printer driver
  • Check device name using the Canon setup utility
  • Register the printer as the Bluetooth device via Bluetooth Devices
  • Set the printer: Click on Applications from ‘Go menu’, & double-click Canon Utilities folder >> Canon Setup Utility 2.4 folder >> Setup Utility 2.4 icon.
  • Canon Setup Utility screen gets displayed.
  • Enter passkey and check your model number
  • Quit Canon Setup Utility
  • To register the printer, click on Bluetooth >> tap ‘Continue’ >> choose ‘printer’ and continue >> choose on plus sign
  • Choose the Canon IJ Printer, after which the printer gets included

Wrap up

Hopefully, these are the steps on how to connect canon printer to mac via Bluetooth. Follow these simple steps to connect the device with your Bluetooth-enabled printer.

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