In HP Printers if you receive a ‘could not be saved error’, you should understand that it is an operational error of the printer. Though trivial, such errors can be frustrating and annoying in between printing chores. It is a strange error because nothing from the operator’s end has knowingly caused the problem. The ‘could not be saved error’ in HP Printers can occur in Windows, Mac and Linux. While processing the print option directly to the HP Printer, you may come across the following message often; ‘printer settings could not be saved, operation unsuccessful’.

There are two ways to resolve HP Printer Settings ‘Could Not Be Saved’ Error

The main reason behind this problem is because the Firewall Service of Windows has been somehow disabled, or it stopped working. To process your printing, you have to first enable the Windows Firewall Service and then carry out a series of execution functions. You also need to enable advanced printing settings before sharing a file for printing.

There are a few symptoms of the printer that helps you solve the ‘Could Not Be Saved’ Error

In windows 7 or 10, while you try to use the HP printer to the PC, you will get an error message saying, the printer could not be added. If you still use the printer settings to share the printer to the PC, you will see the error ‘printer settings could not be saved’. The error code flashing has no endpoints and looks like:

C:\>err.exe 0x000006d9


While adding the HP Printer to the PC, here are some steps you can follow. The below processes will resolve HP Printer Settings ‘Could Not Be Saved’ Error

First, it is important to have the Server Service functional on the PC.

  1. From your PC, go to ‘Settings’. Locate ‘Control Panel’ and open it.
  2. Search for ‘Administrative Tools’ in Control Panel. Under Administrative Tools, you can find the option of ‘Services’. Double click on ‘Services’.
  3. When you double click on Services, a series of options comes to the display. Locate among the options to select ‘Server’. ‘Server’ can be turned ON and OFF. The server supports the functioning of files, printing and named-pipe sharing over server network. If Server is OFF, these functions will not be available. If you manually disable ‘Server’, all services depending on it will fail to operate.
  4. If you see that Server is OFF, select and right-click on it to turn it ON. As a result, you will be able to share your HP Printer driver onto the PC.

The second method to resolve HP Printer Settings ‘Could Not Be Saved’ Error

  • Go to Control Panel and select Printer & Faxes.
  • Click on File option and then, Properties.
  • You will find an ‘Advanced’ tab, click on it and clear the ‘Enable advanced printing’ selection.
  • Click on Apply Changes.
  • Select again the ‘Enable advanced printing’ and save the changes.
  • Press OK and you will not get the error further.
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