When trying to connect HP OfficeJet Pro 9010 with wifi, it may not connect. It may pop up the error message ‘HP OfficeJet pro 9010 not connect to wifi.’ It is a multi-functional printer that facilities ease of printing on an A3 printer. Its ease of mobile connectivity using the HP intelligent printer app makes printing easy. Here, you have to connect the printer with your phone via the app without the use of network connections.

Steps to follow to fix the error message

The following steps would help you when encountering HP OfficeJet pro 9010 not connect to wifi– error message.

  1. First, try with the easy option of rebooting your computer system, router connection, and the printer
  2. Check that the system and printer are connected on the same network and never make a mistake to connect the printer to a guest network
  3. The router you are trying to connect to should have a minimum frequency of 2.4 GHz
  4. Make sure the printer driver is correctly installed on the computer system, and it is compatible with its version
  5. Often the incorrect installation of the printer driver can trigger the error message, and you may not be able to connect the printer to the network connectivity
  6. Also, there shouldn’t be any security app or firewall tool running on your system as it can obstruct the way of establishing the network
  7. You have to disable the virtual private connection for some time
  8. Again confirm that you connect the PC with the right wireless network and the connectivity issue has been correctly fixed.

What are the reasons behind the printer not connecting to the wifi network?

One of the common reasons when unable to connect wifi to the printer is the incorrect IP address, and it has been changed. This creates a communication gap between the printer and the wifi network. Other than this, there could be the chance of losing connection issues when it is time to change the cable as they are not in good condition. Try using a different cable and a hub that won’t hinder the process of establishing the connection. Following this, check the green light and check network connectivity problems.

Is there a chance of incorrect network installation?

In case your wifi network is not correctly installed, the above-said error message may crop up when trying to connect with an HP printer. Steps to resolve the issues are:

  • Remove the internet and USB cables attached, restart the system, printer, and router
  • Also, uninstall the driver and software and try repairing the system files with the help of the Microsoft System Files Checker
  • The installation problem can be corrected with the use of Microsoft Fixit solution and then again download the application from the correct source and install it

Setting up a wireless connection with the printer 

When trying to connect the printer with a wireless connection, t requires the following simple steps. After you switch on the printer, you should check its connectivity and correct driver response. This is possible if only the driver is compatible with the printer and it is properly installed. This would not hinder its connection with wifi and other networks. Try to use a suitable IP address along with an 11b/g/n wireless router for the correct connection.

  • Get the printer driver from 123.hp.com/setup 9010 and install it correctly on your system for smooth connectivity with the network
  • Choose network type and try to connect with printer and USB cable.
  • You can use the printer’s control panel to change settings as required
  • Make sure that you choose the correct network from the list and give a password to the wifi connection
  • After completing the step, it would be automatically get connected to the maintained network

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