Wondering how to setup HP 3630 wireless printer? You’re in luck! It is now easier to setup your HP 3630 wireless printer without any hassles due to the availability of information and major technological advancements alike.

Steps on how to setup HP 3630 wireless printer


When it comes to setting up your printer for Windows 7, you have to connect the Windows 7 device to your wireless network like you usually link your phone to any wireless network. The printer has to be connected to the same network as well. This is applicable for Windows 10 devices as well. For Mac devices, you have to connect the device through the WPS method or wireless direct or even via USB/router.

Here are the key steps for setting up your HP 3630 wireless printer

  • Link the wireless network to the Windows device that you are using in the normal manner.
  • Get all details including network password and id so that the printer can be connected to this network as well.
  • Make sure that the wireless network has ample strength for easily accessing HP web services.
  • You should get the router placed near the printer and Windows device alike to ensure a better signal and seamless connectivity as recommended by experts.
  • Disconnect any USB/Ethernet cables attached to the printer.
  • Turn on the HP 3630 wireless printer and wait till it gets more stable.
  • Thereafter, open the wireless setup wizard through the icon shown on the control panel of the printer and then the setup icon.
  • The wizard will show you several names of available networks.
  • Choose the network that you are going to link to.
  • The wireless network may have WPA/WEP security and hence you may have to key in the password for securely linking to the same.
  • By now, the printer should have been easily connected to the wireless network.
  • Download the drivers for the Windows device for your HP 3630 wireless printer setup through downloads or the CD for installation.
  • Open the file downloaded and run it on your device.
  • Follow the instructions and set your connection type and preferences.
  • Upon getting the requisite prompt, add the HP 3630 as the printing device.
  • Click on Finish for completing the printer software installation procedure.
  • Execute a test printing exercise for checking whether your hp printer has been properly installed or not.

These steps will help you setup your HP 3630 wireless printer in quick time.

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