Setting up a Canon Pixma MG3000 printer is quite easy. To start with, one can use the CD Rom that comes with the printer or also follow the instructions on the Canon website to redo the setup.

Then, perform the settings on the Network Settings screen on the IJ Network Device Setup Utility.

Setup canon pixma MG3000 printer

It is important to note that before the IJ network settings are performed, turn on the Easy wireless connect mode on the printer for easy function.

  • To do this, make sure that the printer in turned on.
  • Press and hold the Wifi button and then release the button when the Wifi lamp comes on.
  • Next, press the Color button or the Black
  • Then, again press the Wifi button once and release.
  • The printer as has now entered the easy wireless connect mode.
  • Next, switch on the printer and conduct a test print.
  • Once the printer has entered the wireless mode, check whether the ink cartridges are in place.

Check, if the input tray has papers and the printer is connected to the computer. Once the the print comes out smoothly, you can start printing.

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