Printers have now become essential devices. We may use our smartphones and computers for file and document transfers but printers are needed even today. Have you purchased a Canon printer and wondering how to install it? Here are a few simple steps that will help you get the job done without any hassles whatsoever!

How can I install my Canon Printer ?

It might feel like a job for a techie to understand the procedure but let us understand it in a simple manner. Remember, a computer printer won’t work until you install it with its required drivers and software. You can install with a CD or by downloading the drivers from the internet.

Steps to install the Canon Printers without the CD

  • Download your drivers for the Canon printer from the Canon manufacturer’s website.
  • You have to click on “Consumer & Home office” and then on the “Printers & Multifunction” option. Your printer will be listed before you. Click on “Drivers & Software” beside your printer model.
  • Be sure to download the drivers choosing the right operating system for your desktop.
  • Click and run the drivers after downloading them.
  • Install or attach the cartridges in the printer and add a blank paper to the tray attached with the printer.
  • Insert the CD and run the printer set up (setup.exe), click on it and it will start installing the printer drivers.
  • Connect the printer to the desktop or the laptop using a USB cable and switch it on.
  • Check the printer’s folder in the system and click the windows key that says “printers” and you will reach the printer folder.
  • Now, go to “Properties” and “Print test page.”
  • If your test page is printed, then your printer is all set and ready to use

Steps to install the Canon Printers with the CD

  • Use the default disc that you availed with the Canon printer when you bought it.
  • You will find the various drivers needed to install the device. Follow the steps as they appear on your screen and your printer will have installed.

Check the printer’s folder and search for “printers” and you will find it easily. You already know how to print a test page. Once this is done, the printer will be absolutely ready to use.

Follow the above steps and install your Canon printer on your own!

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