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HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided :-

When it comes to duplex printing, it basically means that you print on both sides of the paper in question. Now, this could be done both manually or even automatically simply by turning over the paper. Your model should have the built-in functionality in order to duplex print. Simplex printing is another technique whereby prints can be garnered on a single side of the paper.

For printing on both sides, you can use the print driver settings as well. The steps involved to How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided are as follows:

  • To keep page ordering issues at bay, the paper tray should be loaded with sufficient blank paper so that the print job can be completed without any disruption.
  • Open the document, click on File option followed by the Print option.
  • Select your printer, and then choose Printer Properties, Preferences, or Printer Setup (whichever option is displayed), for opening up the Printing Preferences or the Document Properties options.
  • Decide whether you want to read the pages as a booklet or a tablet.
  • You can select the below mentioned processes for choosing and opening the settings for duplex printing-
    • Choose the Features, Layout or Finishing tabs and then choose the option for page flip. This comes under the Print under both sides manually
    • Suppose there is a tab for the Printing shortcut. You should choose the same and then choose the shortcut for two-sided printing. You can then opt for the page flip option which is basically printing manually on both sides.
    • If you can find a Basic tab, select a page flip option under Double-Sided Printing (Manual).
    • Click OK, and then Print. At this stage, it should be noted that if the printer automatically pulls the pages back in and prints the other side, there will be support for duplexing automatically and the printing procedure will be finished. Also, if the printer does not automatically do so, you should continue the steps below to reload the pages to print the other side.
    • Next, the printed pages should be removed from the output tray, and then reloaded into the paper tray.
    • If you have a front-loading printer, in all likelihood, the stack printed side facing up will have to be loaded in case of Inkjets and Laser Jets will require printing in a downward facing position where it has the top/bottom edge on it, depending upon your requirements.
    • In case it is a rear-loading printer, then the pages should be flipped over in order to ensure that the printed side is downward-facing. The bottom short edge has to be then loaded into the printer.
    • Click Continue to print the other side of the pages.

Now that you’re familiar with How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided, you should know that in terms of affordability, duplex printing is hugely effective. The Arizona State University, for instance, has already studied the overall impact of duplex printing on our environment.

Approximately, shifting to this new form of printing may lead to 725 trees being saved which is heartening to say the least. As a result, most companies may steadily shift to this printing method in order to instil an eco-friendly culture into the workplace. Most companies will look for office printing solutions that offer this feature as standard. They will also train staff on issues like how to fix my HP printer not printing double sided before they start using these printers. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, call +1-929-227-3478 our experts.

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