It is very common that you will face Error 13.20.00 “Jam in Top Cover Area” message at least once while using the HP Printer. You have no need to worry about this problem. Although it is a fatal error, you can fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00 on your own by just following the simple steps explained in this article.

The HP Printer Error 13.20.00 is a fatal error appears when any incorrect fuser model is installed or when any sensor gets blocked. The main causes of this error code 13.20.00 are the paper jam, misplaced pickup roller cover, jams on trays, etc. To clear this HP Printer Error 13.20.00, you must have knowledge on How to fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00. Although fixing the HP Printer Error 13.20.00 is a hectic task, we will guide you in a simple way to make your work easier.

How to Fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00

Follow the different steps given below to fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00

Step 1: Check for any paper jams.

Firstly, inspect for any paper pieces in the paper path. If present, remove them. You can also check for any paper jam by locating the pre-feed sensor. If this step is not working, try the step 2.

Step 2: Remove the Paper tray 2 of your HP Printer

In this step, just to be safe, you have to remove the paper tray and the toner cartridge.

Step 3: Verifying the moving of Paper Width Sensor

You have check whether the Paper Width Sensor is moving freely or not. If not, you have to adjust it.

Step 4: Examine the moving of Pre-Feed Sensor

If you have replaced the paper-feed assembly, then you must check that the pre-feed sensor flag is moving properly or not. You can check the movement of the sensor arms at the top of the page sensor. Also, see that the pre-feed sensor is installed correctly or not.

Step 5: Check for Fuser sensor and paper jam

First of all locate the fuse sensor and inspect for any paper jams. If you found any paper stuck, remove them carefully.

Step 6: Replacing the DC Controller PCA

To get rid of the HP Printer Error 13.20.00, you have to replace the DC Controller PCA. Follow the next step, if the issue still persists.

Step 7: Removing Paper Jam in Tray 2

  • First of all, remove the paper tray and toner cartridge.
  • Now take a piece of cardboard of paper width. You can use this sturdy object to push past the realignment rollers.
  • Keep the cardboard piece through the slots and stop it when the cardboard piece reach the top cavity.
  • Remove the cardboard from the printer’s bottom cavity and keep back the cartridge and paper tray in its place.
  • Now restart your printer, the error will be fixed when your switch ON your HP Printer.
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