One may encounter a series of error messages while they are using a Canon printer. While some errors can be resolved quickly, others require you to be aware of what is causing them to fix them. This article deals with the various common errors that are displayed on a Canon printer from time to time and provides a brief summary on.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Message

Error Message: U162

How to resolve it? If an error U162 is displayed on your machine, it is an indication for you to replace any empty cartridges. If this message continues to show despite inserting a new ink cartridge, follow the said instructions. Switch the Canon machine ON. Press and continue to hold for 10 seconds the STOP/RESET/RESUME button. This will allow your printer to read your instruction to want to print despite the issue. Resume printing thereafter. 

Error Message: U163

How to resolve it? Error U163 follows the same procedure as Error U162. Repeat the same steps, and you should have resolved the issue.

Error Message: 1686

How to resolve it? You are required to replace the empty ink cartridges in the printer as the error code is an indication of that. 

Error Message: 1688

How to resolve it? The ink cartridges in your printer have run out of ink. Replacing them will solve the issue.

Error Message: E04

How to resolve it? This message shows that the FINE cartridge used has not been installed correctly. Open the cover but first remove these cartridges by retracting the extension of the output tray. Re-install the fine cartridges by forcing them in until you hear a clicking sound. Shut the printer.

Error Message: E05

How to resolve it? An orange light blinking up to 5 times is an indication of the error. It signifies that the print head has been installed incorrectly. Reinstall the print head to eliminate the issue.

Error Message: E14

How to resolve it? An orange light blinking up to 14 times is an indication of the error. Non-compatible ink cartridges are indicated by this error message. Place genuine and authentic cartridges that came with the printer to resume seamless usage.

Error Message: E15

How to resolve it? Failure to recognise the cartridge can result in this error and can be eliminated by ensuring proper insertion of the ink cartridge under the printer cover.

Error Message: 1487

How to resolve it? Misalignment of the ink cartridges or ink cartridges being placed in the wrong position causes this error message to appear. Simply check of the codes on the cartridge and re-install to fix it.

Error Message: 1486

How to resolve it? Error 1486 is an indicator of the same lack as error 1487. It follows the same procedure as Error 1487. Repeat the same steps, and you should have resolved the issue.

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