Are you a loyal user of Brother Printer? Have been using this printer for years? Have you ever encountered an  error message ‘Replace Toner’ on the printer display immediately after installing a new toner cartridge? Or ever received this error when the printer has been running low on ink? If no, then you are lucky, and if yes, then you must have tried to diagnose the issue. In case, you receive the error message ‘Replace Toner on your Brother Printer in the future, do try these smart hacks on How To Fix Brother Printer Error after Replace Toner.

Hack 1:

Open the front panel and press the clear button. The printer display will show: ‘Replace Drum’ with options 1. Yes 2. No. All you need to do is type *00 on the keypad and you will see a message ‘Accepted’ on the display. Now, close the front panel and check for the printer performance.

Hack 2:

Enable continuous mode on Brother Printer. Did you know that the printer flashes the message to replace toner on its display when the supply of toner has reached a level where the print quality cannot be guaranteed? However, you do have an option to continue printing with the toner cartridge beyond its estimated print life by enabling “Continue Mode” on your Brother Printer. Press the GO button 7 times. All of the LEDs will flash twice, and the Ready LED will turn on. Continue mode is now enabled.

Hack 3:

You may receive a ‘Replace Toner’ error indication if the new toner cartridge has not been installed correctly. So, verify that the new toner cartridge is installed correctly by reinstalling the toner cartridge

Hack 4:

Update the firmware / drivers to the latest version. Go to the ‘Downloads’ section on Brother’s website and search for the latest version of the printer firmware / driver. Under the ‘Firmware Update Tool’, cross-check the device information to identify the firmware version. If an old version of the firmware exists on your Brother machine, then update the latest version of the firmware.

Hack 5:

Verify you are using the original Brother Toner cartridge. It is beneficial to use genuine Brother Brand products and parts for optimum performance and high-quality printing. Using third-party toner cartridges on Brother Printers may reduce the print quality and affect the life of the printer.

Hack 6:

Clean the corona wire. Open the front panel of your printer and let the device cool down by turning it on for 10 minutes. Now, carefully take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by moving the green tab from left to right and right to left. Insert the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the and close the front cover.

After applying these techie hacks, if you still receive the Brother Printer Error after Replace Toner, it is recommended to contact the technical support team of Brother Printer.

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