The message “Print Unable 32” or “Machine Error 32” appears on LCD display during a density shutter malfunction error. This error is displayed on the Brother printers if paper or labels are stuck inside the printer or the drum unit. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you use only genuine drum units, toner, and cartridges. The company is not responsible for any damage that is caused by the usage of third-party accessories. Even if you don’t have genuine parts, you can go through the following steps to learn how to fix brother printer error 32.

Firstly, you will need to disassemble the printer to check the drum unit, toner, and cartridges to verify if there are any paper or labels stuck in them.

Follow the following steps to disassemble the printer: –

  1. Turn of the device either by unplugging the device, switching off the main plug or pressing the power switch found on the right side of the machine.
  2. Next, on the front cover, you will find the “Release Button” above the brother logon. Pull it up and open the front cover.
  3. When you have opened the cover, you will be able to see the drum unit of the printer. Hold the green handle that has a black circle sticker with a white number 1 on it. Lift the drum unit and slide it out till it stops.
  4. There are gray lock levers which you need to release to the side. This will enable you to lift the front of the drum unit and take it out completely from the printer.

Now that you have removed the drum unit, you will need to clean 5 things, viz., Drum unit, toner, toner cartridges, transfer belt, and the waste toner box.

  1. Cleaning the drum unit: Carefully look inside the machine and remove are any scraps of paper or labels in the unit. Pay close attention to the back of the device.
  2. Clean the toner cartridge: Remove each toner cartridge one at a time a pull them out of the drum unit. There will be 4 open slots on the drum unit where the toners were placed. Remove any pieces of paper that you might find in the cartridge.
  3. Clean the toner: Turn over the toners and remove any pieces of scraps which might be found on the toners.
  4. Clean the transfer belt: Remove the transfer belt from the printer by holding the green parts of the belt and lifting and pulling it out of the machine. Inspect the belt for any foreign material. Rotate the belt using the gears to make sure that the entire surface of the belt is completely clean.
  5. Clean the waste toner box: You will find a waste toner box where the belt was installed. Remove the waste toner box and clean it entirely. Next, look inside the machine to make sure nothing else is there.

Now that you have cleaned everything, just reassemble the printer and you have learnt how to fix brother printer error 32. In case the error message reappears, you will need to contact the customer

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