There are many who have highlighted the issue with how to fix 49 service error HP LaserJet Pro 400 dilemma. This is one problem that has plagued several HP printer users including the LaserJet Pro 400.

While you are wondering on how to fix 49 service error HP LaserJet Pro 400, you should know that 49 error codes are mostly codes related to communication errors. Additionally, these errors may often be hard to fix since there are many factors causing the same. They may be temporary occurrences which may often be solved by rebooting the printer or permanent issues that may only need replacements of hardware.

Here are some steps worth following if you are thinking of how to fix 49 service error HP LaserJet Pro 400-

  • You should first take it as a temporary issue and turn off your printer, plugging out the same from the PC and clearing pending tasks in the queue. Reboot your printer thereafter and then plug in the cables and reconnect to the network once again. Try printing thereafter and see whether the error recurs.
  • 49 errors may also be spurred by any corrupted or mismatched drivers. Try and see whether they take place for specific printing tasks. In these scenarios, it may happen that corrupted/mismatched drivers may have been allocated for the device in question. These may lead to bad data being dispatched to printers, leading to more confusion and sparking the error seen here.
  • Problems with the JetDirect network card may also lead to this particular error. This may occur via the alternate connectivity point like a parallel port or USB port. The card may have to be replaced as well.
  • The error may be caused by failures in the memory chip or accessory which has been installed in the formatter slot. Some accessories that are commonly used include memory chips and optional hard drives.
  • Failures in the formatter may lead to this error as well. There are specific HP models which often face formatter issues including the LaserJet Pro 400. Replacement of this formatter may often be the best solution.
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