The Japanese have invented some really good machines which have catered to ease our work and also with convenience. One of its products is the Canon Pixma printer that is a multi-functioning device known to be the ‘smart’ device of the ‘smart’ era. But however, its operating and functioning might become difficult for those who are not well aware of its uses.

The Canon Printers are unique devices invented for the modern era which are made Cloud-ready allowing various users to access through the same printing machines and thus, proves itself as a pocket-friendly device in offices where many employees could carry out their work through the same machine.

Even if the title of the article states How To Factory Reset Canon Pixma Mg3620but here In this article what we are going to discuss is the various steps by which you can learn how To Factory Reset Canon Pixma Mg3620, How to power reset canon printer, and How to hard reset canon printer.

How To Factory Reset Canon Pixma Mg3620: If your Canon Pixma Mg3620 displays error messages then the following steps are the easiest way on

How To Factory Reset Canon Pixma Mg3620:

Step 1 –Switch on your printer to locate the arrows for searching through the menu.

Step 2 – Find the Device settings and then click on OK.

Step 3 – After that pressthe “Resetting” tab and click on OK to begin the process of reset.

How to power reset canon printer: Sometimes, your printer’s operating system does not work very efficiently and all you need at such a time is to power reset it.

Follow the steps given below to power reset your Canon printer:

Step 1 – The printing device must be turned off and must also be removed from plug socket and the Ethernet cord to completely disconnect its connectivity.

Step 2 – Wait for a couple of minutes and then plug in the device. Also, insert the Ethernet cable on.

Step 3 –Try a test print to make sure if the system is working properly and the problem has been resolved.

How to hard reset canon printer: This setup lets you bring your device back to default settings if you are troubled by the persisting printing error.

Step 1 – Press the “Stop” until the alarm starts.

Step 2 – After alarm goes for 19 times, you can release the ‘Start’ button. By doing this you will bring the printer to factory settings.

Step 3 – Finally, uninstall the printer from your computer and then reinstall it to get a new and optimized computer set up.

Therefore, these were a few and simple steps that you need to attend to in order to fix the printer related issues. Hoping that this article would be helpful to you as a guide to serve you at a time of need.

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