Having trouble with connecting your Laptop with your Wi-Fi? Worry no more as we have the best guide on How to Create HP Printer Wireless Setup to Add Printer to Wireless Network. When you start using an HP printer that is wireless, you will not be tackling any wires any longer. The Wi-Fi network can be seamlessly linked to your printer and you can commence on your printing activities straight away. However, one thing has to be kept in mind; the device from which the print will be made and the particular printer in question, should be within 100 feet as the maximum distance. The Wi-Fi connection should be stable enough as well.

Here are some of the key aspects that you need to keep in mind with regard to linking your Wi-Fi connection with the printer from HP.

Step 1- In case you have only purchased the printer recently, the device has to be suitably unpacked and put on a surface which is flat. Make sure that a source of power is situated in close proximity. This is because a source of power will be necessary for the HP printer

Step 2- You have to first plug in the printer cord right into the source of power and the printer then has to be turned on accordingly.

Step 3- You have to now get the cartridges installed into the printer as has been described in the HP printer manual.

Step 4- Power on the computer that you are using and you should venture to the start menu thereafter.

Step 5- You will come across the Search option here and then you should key in HP. Thereafter, post completion of the search procedure, you will come across the option that showcases the printer logo. You can then go to Utilities and then choose Printer Setup and Software Selection as the desired option.

Step 6- Post completion of the procedure mentioned above, you should start the next stage, i.e. setting up a connection mode for your printer. You will have to keep following the instructions on screen for finishing the entire setup procedure.

Create HP Printer Wireless Setup to Add Printer to Wireless Network :

Yet, if you are making use of a MAC computer, then the procedure will be slightly different. The procedure given earlier will be slightly different. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind while thinking of linking up your printer with your MAC computer.

Step 1- Similar to the step when you connect with a PC that is running Windows, you should ensure that the MAC computer, printer ad Wi-Fi are all powered on.

Step 2- Thereafter, post turning on all devices, you should power on the wireless choice for your printer. You can accomplish this by pressing and holding the wireless button positioned upon the control panel. Do this for some seconds until you witness the blinking wireless light.

Step 3- The wireless button should thereafter be pressed accordingly.

Step 4- You should then press the WPS button and keep holding it.

Step 5- Press the menu saying Apple and keep it held prior to selecting a software update likewise.

Step 6- You have to then choose the option that enables showing of details prior to clicking the checkmark.

Step 7- Keep waiting for some seconds prior to clicking on the button for installation. Thereafter, tap on the option for Apple. You have to then click on the option for system preferences.

Step 8- Post completing this procedure, choose the scanner and printer choices from the computer before venturing to Add printer and scanner. After going to this option, choose Name and then choose Use before choosing Add and finally, Install.

These are the steps that you will need to follow for How to Create HP Printer Wireless Setup to Add Printer to Wireless Network. If you are using a windows computer, then you will need to opt for the method 1. But, if you are using a Mac, then make sure that you are precisely following the method 2.

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