HP error codes are standard when your printer has a fault or is not working. The printer will display a message on either the printer or on the computer.

Find the standard HP error codes to help you get the right issue to fix your printer with an error code. If you are trying to look for ‘How Do I Clear The Error Code On My HP Printer,’ here are some ways to do it.

The Warm up error

This is frequently linked to the printer driver or cable issue. Turn off the printer and disconnect all printer cords. If the problem persists after waiting for sometime for a computer to re-set and then turning it on, there could be an issue with the hardware. This isn’t a frequent error. Therefore I’m guessing it’s a hardware issue that necessitates a call to an Engineer.

Supplies Error in Memory

It is a particular error message that frequently appears when using non-original toners and ink cartridges. The printer’s cartridge and toner chip malfunction, and the printers cannot read a cartridge.

Try turning the printer on or off to reset it. If this doesn’t work, remove the toner cartridge. Then you can re-install it. If that doesn’t work, replace a toner cartridge using the original toner for testing if a compatible toner causes the problem. Mostly, the cartridges create issues. Pressing the keypad will clear it; but, if it still doesn’t work after you’ve tried everything else, you could have the hardware problem. The engineer might be required to respond to such calls for solving the problem.

How Do I Clear The Error Code On My HP Printer (Paper Out)

If a printer sensor detect that no paper is present in the paper tray, there is most likely to be an issue with either the paper tray or the sensor.

Ensure that the printers are set up on a flat area. After that, inspect all of the paper trays for damage and build-up of toner. Also remove a paper cassette and use a torch to check for any paper lodged in the cassette sensors. If it happens, the error number will appear. If not, resolve the issue, by calling up an Engineer who can solve the problem.

Paper Out

It’s most likely an issue with a paper tray and the paper sensor. The first step is to make sure there isn’t any paper stuck into the printer. Opening and closing all the printer covers, you can check for any paper stuck in the device. After that, turn the printer off and disconnect all of the printer’s cable. Wait some time for that system to reset before turning it back on. if it doesn’t address the issue, there could be the hardware issue that requires an engineer’s attention. If such an error occurs, you can try searching for ‘How Do I Clear The Error Code On My HP Printer’ over the internet.

Paper Jam

The paper jam may have occurred throughout a machine, including the paper cassette, the under the fusing or even atoner unit and also exit unit, as detected by the printer. The majority of HP printers have the screen that shows the position of the paper where it may get trapped in the printer machine.

Check any paper jams throughout the device’s paper route by following the on-screen directions. To begin, open and close all the printer covers to ensure there isn’t any paper stuck into the machine. Close all printer doors and panels if no paper is found, then check to see if the error message has vanished. If this is not the case, turn off the machine and wait some time for it to reset before turning it on again.

If this does not cure the problem and the machine continues to create a paper jam, a hardware issue requires an engineer’s attention. Worn feed rollers usually cause paper jams; see my page on Fault detecting paper jams from the cassette for more information. So, these are the few ways by which you can fix the error codes. If you are looking for ‘How Do I Clear The Error Code On My HP Printer, these ways can prove to be helpful for you.

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