Is an error code bothering you when trying to get print out form Canon printer? If you are facing such problems the first time, you can start by searching for how to fix a Canon printer error code E31. It is common for you not to find suitable options for the same and resolve the error code issue. Without trying any random option, it is better to go by the steps mentioned below.

The first and foremost thing that you can try is to check the connection of the printer and the computer. To establish correct connection, it is better to set the printer right beside the computer to avoid any disruption.

Let us take a look at the possible options to resolve the issue below:

Checking the wired connections

When wondering how to fix a Canon printer error code E31, first check the wired connections. Due to this, the PC network often malfunctions. If printer is not correctly connected, you may not be able to switch on the printer. Check the printer link that comes from PC and try to connect it right. In case of broken connection, one has to disconnect every links and try to connect the system and printer again. The wired connection should be properly connected to be able to run the printer smoothly.

Check the wireless connectivity

This is another way to evaluate the problem where you have to check with a remote device connected with printer. You have to uninstall and reinstall the remote device and have to change the secret terms such as password, SSID and others.

The error may also take place due to this reason and you should try to establish the connection right. Make sure that you switch on the printer correct and give the correct details of the remote device to establish smooth connection with the printer and it can be done in quick time. If unable to understand how to establish the connection and how to check it, try to get assistance from technical team.

Have you tried updating the printer drivers?

Yes, incorrect or incompatible printer driver version can hinder the smooth connection of the Canon error. This when the error code shows up and you have to look for how to fix a Canon printer error code E31. Without the correct version of printer driver, it is not possible to connect the printer and the system.

For this, it is better to uninstall the driver, and try installing its latest version that would be compatible with the printer. Try to pick the right one from a reliable source to ensure that the driver is perfect for the printer to help it run smoothly. It is better to check the Canon printer version and the file version to check its compatibility before you wish to use it. Get the updated driver of the printer from authentic site of the company and update it to its latest version for ease of connection with the computer system. This would help resolve the problem of the error code.

Is it necessary to call technical team? If the above mentioned steps fail to resolve the recurring error code when trying to establish the connection of the printer and the system, it is better to seek help from the technical team of the company. The trained team should have suitable knowledge on how to eliminate the error code and fix it. It can result in malfunctioning of the system and other issues like blue screen. So, when the error code shows up randomly, it is better to address it at the earliest to prevent other problems from showing up.

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