Where Do I Find The WPS Pin Number On My HP PrinterWhere Do I Find The WPS Pin Number On My HP Printer, In order to connect with other devices like laptops or smartphones, you need to find the WPS number in your HP printer. To be specific, the HP Printer uses wireless technology which enables us to print documents anytime. The WPS pin code helps the HP Printer to establish a stable connection over any wireless or wired network connection. It is usually a time consuming task to connect your printer to a laptop or a smartphone over wire. Connecting the printer over the wireless mode saves you quite a number of hassles. So let’s explore the ways to find the WPS Pin on your HP Printer.

Overview of the WPS Pin

WPS is the acronym for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. In technical terms, it is a network security protocol which establishes a secure connection between two or more devices. Moreover, it also ensures that the connection between a wireless router and devices are stable. Instability in wireless networks can give rise to security issues. It can also result in poor speeds. WPS is exclusively meant for those wireless networks which uses an encrypted password. The WPS button also simplifies the connection process. So you might be asking by now Where Do I Find the WPS Pin Number on My HP Printer? Well, let’s take you through the various steps involved in connecting your HP Printer with WPS.

Connecting the HP Printer with the WPS button

With the help of the WPS button, you can connect the HP Printer. Let’s take a glance at the following points through which you can connect your HP printer with the WPS button.

  • You have to navigate to the control panel of the printer. Find the wireless button and then press it
  • Subsequently, you have to choose the WPS option. There would be on-screen instructions. Follow them accordingly
  • After selecting the WPS button, the printer would prompt you to press the WPS button on the router
  • Finally the connection would be established and your printer is good to print

Connecting your HP Printer with WPS Pin

Where Do I Find the WPS Pin Number on My HP Printer is a common question asked by those who have HP printers at their home!

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to connect your HP printer with the help of the WPS number.

  • Visit the control panel of your HP printer and select the wireless button
  • In the subsequent step, you have to select the WPS option and accordingly follow the onscreen instructions
  • A message will flash which would ask you to provide the PIN. Select the message which would result in the portrayal of the WPS PIN
  • In the next step, select the software of your Wi-Fi router. After selecting its configuration, you have to input the PIN in the field

Once the above steps are successfully completed, you have to install the drivers related to network printer of HP. These network drivers can be found in the setup file of the printer

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