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For printing, scanning, and faxing needs, HP printers are a well-known brand across the globe. Since this brand’s printers are affordable and produce high-quality prints, many people prefer to use them. It offers a number of incredible features that make printing simple and easy. That does not, however, imply that you won’t encounter any technical issues when printing documents, photos, or other essential information.

In truth, there are instances where an HP printer on Windows or MacOS will not respond to a print instruction. It will be completely pointless to get frustrated in such a circumstance; instead, try looking for support for HP printer. Fortunately, you’ve come to the correct place because this blog covers a wide range of unique troubleshooting techniques. Let’s recite it aloud!

Why Is My Printer Not Responding?

The Printer Not Responding issue happens because the computer believes your printer is offline while you are printing. Moreover, an incorrect cable connection or a paper jam could be the cause of your printer’s inability to function or reply. Furthermore, inoperable or missing printer drivers may potentially prevent your printer from working.

What Should I Do If My Printer Isn’t Working?

On the other hand, make sure the printer is securely linked to the appropriate wireless network if the wireless printer is not responding during printing. It is a given that your printer won’t print if there is a problem with the Wi-Fi network. So make sure to give it a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in order.

Reasons Behind a Non-Responding HP Printer

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s understand some of the common reasons why your HP printer may not be responding and why you should ask support for HP:

Connection Problems: A loose or disconnected cable between your printer and computer can lead to communication issues, resulting in a non-responsive printer.

Outdated Drivers: Incompatible or outdated printer drivers can cause printing problems. Drivers serve as a bridge between your computer and the printer.

Paper Jams: Even a small piece of paper stuck in the printer can lead to a non-responding situation. Check for any paper jams and clear them.

Printer Queue Issues: Pending print jobs or a stuck print queue can hinder the printer from responding to new commands.

Power and Hardware Problems: Power issues, such as a faulty power source or hardware problems, can also lead to a printer not responding.

Ways To Resolve The HP Printer Not Responding Problem

We’ve provided authentic and practical solutions to resolve the HP Printer Not Responding issue. As a result, carry out each of the following solutions one at a time until the issue is resolved from its source. Here we go:

Solution 1: Check Printer Connections

You should check and confirm the printer connection as soon as you encounter the HP Printer Won’t Print issue message. Such a problem typically results from a connectivity problem. This is what you have to do:

Turn off your HP printer and any other attached external devices first, then shut down your PC.
Now unplug every cable and give it a couple of minutes.
Restart your computer after making all the necessary cable attachments.
Await the quiet, inactive state of your printer.
Additionally, you can connect your printer to a different system to test it.
Examine all of the cables that are utilized to link the devices together. Verify that the cords are plugged in correctly.
Try connecting the printer to a different USB port if it is connected via a USB port.
Proceed to the next solution if the HP printer is still not responding.

Solution 2: Reboot the Print Spooler Service

Windows depends on the Print Spooler service to print without any issues. However, the Printer Not Responding error may also be caused by a few specific problems with this service. Restarting the spooler service is also likely to fix printer issues and get everything back up and running. So, to achieve the same, adhere to the guidelines below:

To execute the Run command, press the Windows Key and R simultaneously.
Fill in the search field with “services.msc.”
Press the “Enter” or “OK” button now.
The Services window opens as a result.
After selecting the “Print Spooler” option from the provided list, double-click this tab.
Now, just click on the “Properties” window to open it.
Then, choose the “Automatic” Startup type and press the “Start” button to launch the service.
On the System Status page, look for the “Stop” button if the service isn’t functioning properly. After that, select “OK.”
After a few minutes, wait and then hit the “Start” button once more.
Restart your computer now to check whether the Printer Is Not Responding issue has been resolved.

If none of the above solutions work take support for HP printer, or try the next one.

Solution 3: Verify That The Printer Is Set Correctly

How to look it up is as follows:

First, go to your Windows desktop and open the Control Panel.
Navigate now to the “Devices and Printers” area.
Locate your printer by using the printer list; then, right-click on it.
Select the “Printer Properties” tab at this point.
Click on the “Ports” tab.
Verify that the right port has been selected.
Finally, click “OK” and “Apply” to save the modifications.

Once you’ve made all these simple tweaks, see if the printer is still responding. Proceed to the following remedy if the issue still doesn’t get resolved.

Solution 4: Reinstalling the Printer Driver.

Try reinstalling the printer driver if it hasn’t responded to you yet. Here’s how to go about it:

To use the Run command, first click the keyboard shortcut “Windows + R.”
In the Run dialog box, type “devmgmt.msc” and press “Enter.”
Make the Printers category larger. Next, select the printer you’re using and give it a right-click.
Choose “Uninstall device” now.
To confirm, check the box next to “Delete the driver software for this device” and click “Uninstall.”
The Printers category has since been eliminated.

Additionally, use the manufacturer’s website to reinstall the most recent printer driver update.
Your printer will begin to function after your PC has the updated printer driver installed. But if, regrettably, it still doesn’t work, go on to the next option.

Solution 5: Set Your Printer As The Primary Printer

The HP Printer Not Responding problem will undoubtedly appear if your printer is not set as the default one. Check it out first to make sure the default option is selected. If not, take the actions listed below:

Initially, launch your Windows computer’s Cortana Search Box and type default printer into the search bar.
Now, choose “Change default printer” to launch the window right away.
You can now see the option to “Let Windows manage my default printer” at the bottom left of that window. If this option is enabled, press and hold the button to turn it off.
Now select the “Devices and Printers” tab from the Control Panel. A green checkmark should be indicated for your default printer, too. As an alternative, you can choose to “Set as default printer” when you right-click on the printer.

This will now resolve the HP Printer Not Responding on Windows issue with the support for HP printer experts from its core. We will examine a solution for the similar issue that arises on MacOS in the following section. Thus, carry on reading!

Ways To Solve The Printer Is Not Working On Mac

We’ll guide you through the effective steps to resolve Printer Not Responding Mac quickly. To solve it simply, attempt the following sequential methods:

Solution 1: Verify the USB Connection

In order to avoid encountering the Printer Not Responding problem, make sure the USB cable is in good condition. Additionally, you need to make sure that the printer and Apple device are firmly connected to their ports. When connecting devices, USB 2.0 cables are the preferred choice. After connecting that, take the actions listed below:

After the cable has been connected correctly, choose “System Preference” from the menu.
Now select “Print & Scan” from the “Hardware” section.
Await the system’s identification of the intended printer.
To properly add your printer to the printer list, choose the exact printer model you own and click the “Add” option.
Print a test page at the end to make sure your printer is operating properly.
I believe you now have the solution to your question about how to fix a printer that isn’t working on Windows or Mac OS.

The Printer not responding mac issue may have been fixed after the support for HP printer. But if not, go to the following solution manual.

Solution 2: Reset the Network Connection and Printer.

To restart the process, switch off your printer first, wait for at least a minute, and then turn it back on.
To see if the HP Printer Not Responding on Mac problem has been resolved, print a test page. If not, move on to the following step:
Select the “Apple” option.
From the list provided, choose “System Preferences.” When you do this, a new window with the same name opens.
Click the “Print & Scan” tab under the “Hardware” section.
Now, select the “Reset Printing System” tab by performing a right-click anywhere on the Printers window display.
Now, press the confirmation wizard’s “Reset” button.
An administrator prompt can then show up on the screen.
You must then accurately input your password and admin ID.
Next, select “OK” from the wizard’s menu.
Lastly, click the “Reset” button.

Get Support for HP Support from Our Tech-Savvy team Anytime.

Please get in touch with us if, despite following the above instructions exactly, the HP printer is still not responding. Our team of skilled experts works tirelessly from dawn to dusk to provide you with on-site one-stop support for HP. Please contact us at the helpline number, which is available around-the-clock, to join forces with us. There is a 100% guarantee that your printer will start operating properly if you follow our instructions.

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