Mark3D UK and Fieldmade recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at benefiting the energy sector and defense services in the United Kingdom. This exclusive collaboration will bring significant advancements in additive manufacturing technology to these critical sectors.

Under the agreement, Mark3D UK has been designated as the sole supplier of Fieldmade’s innovative Nomad LW portable 3D printers in the UK.

The Nomad LW offers a unique advantage of continuous operation in even the harshest and most remote environments, making it an ideal solution for the energy and defense sectors.

Fieldmade AS, renowned for its expertise in various areas such as Digital Inventory Management and Consulting Services. As well as its Nomad range of in-field additive manufacturing equipment, expressed excitement about the partnership.

Fieldmade CEO Jostein Olsen emphasized the importance of collaborating with UK-based specialists like Mark3D UK to enhance their offerings to the defense and energy sectors.

The Nomad LW, with its compact size and ease of use, combined with its ability to print parts stronger than aluminum, stands out as the preferred choice for operationally critical 3D printing.

Fieldmade AS offers a range of Nomad options, including the Nomad LW, Nomad 1, Nomad 2, and Nomad 3 configurations, catering to the specific needs of end users.

These solutions provide customers with pre-packaged micro-factories. These can be deployed anywhere in the world, utilizing various materials such as polymer, composite, and metal.

Integration into the Fieldmade Digital Inventory software further enhances the user experience by granting access to fully aggregated, print-ready files, along with supporting metadata and other features.

This seamless integration simplifies the workflow and ensures a streamlined and efficient additive manufacturing process.

The partnership also has a clear focus on an Integrated Post Processing Solution, which offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process of 3D printing production workflow.

Customers can leverage this solution to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness by automating post-processing steps like cleaning, chemical vapor smoothing, coloring, part sorting, and inspection.

This integration enables the efficient production of applications using HP’s industrial Jet Fusion 3D printing polymer printing solutions.

By digitizing the entire workflow, from part design to 3D printing and post-processing, this collaboration aims to provide an improved purchasing experience for consumers seeking post-printing solutions.

Post Process, a key player in the field, highlights the effectiveness of their VAD technology in large industrial customer production environments. It processing significant quantities of SLS powder cakes and thousands of parts.

With this partnership between Mark3D UK and Fieldmade, the energy sector and defense services in the UK can expect enhanced access to cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions.

This collaboration will undoubtedly drive innovation, efficiency, and reliability in critical industries, ensuring that the UK remains at the forefront of technological advancements in additive manufacturing.

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