HP Laserjet PRO M1132 error E8 – Sometimes, the HP Laserjet PRO M1132 printer can show an error code E8 and that is often caused due to irregularity in software, or a break in the scanner or motor connection. Sometimes, the parts could have also become worn and could need replacement. Or maybe, simply dust had accumulated and the printer needs proper cleaning.

Here are some things to resolve the E8 error light signal.

  • First, place the Hp Laserjet PRO M1132 printer on a firm surface. One will need a screw driver and some spirit or alcohol.
  • Remove the main printer cover and then the smaller inner cover.
  • Then ink cartridge lever should be unlocked.
  • Then, look for the printer roller and then unclip it from the holder.
  • Hold the roller and clean with a cloth that has been dabbed with alcohol and with this remove any dust, ink stains or ink residues.
  • Next, clip the roller back again, correct the reinstallation and then check if it has set into postion firmly.
  • Next, turn the printer sideways and pull out the jack in the back.
  • Next, clean the black roller printer inside and then reinstall the jack. Any nuts that were taken out should be firmly put back in place.
  • Reinstall the ink cartridge back and lock down the lever.
  • Close, the printer and switch it on. If the problem persists, then open the scanner cover and look for driver gears, which should be oiled.
  • Switch on the printer again.

This should be enough to make the error code go away.

It is important to maintain regular cleaning of the hp printer or the error lights will come on again. The scanner carriage is built in a way that it slides along rails and so if they do not move properly, then the blinking and error will resume again. If this happens frequently, then the sliders will become ineffective altogether.

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