HP is one of the most well-known brands in terms of hardware. Let that be your desktop, notebook, laptop or your hard drives or any other output devices, HP tops it all. Hp has always given to us customers the best of services throughout. They have customers all over the world. They provide happiness to millions of customers worldwide and are still doing so. Nowadays most of the work that happens is with the help of computers and laptop at home or offices. Most of the work happening all over the world are dependent on the desktop or the laptop, so this has become one of the necessities of life for all the people worldwide. HP has given us not only hardware but also computer software and IT devices as well. They have changed the definition of desktops a lot from what it has been earlier.

HP has redefined comfort in our life with its wide range of products. But also with the products comes the pros and cons of it. Mostly are the pros for which we chose HP over again but we cannot ignore the cons too. The devices might develop problems at any point of time in their lifetime. Technical faults and problems can happen at any point of time in the lifetime of the products. Mostly all of the products carry a lifetime of two or three years. But after all, they are machines and machines can develop problems at any point in time. We have to understand the problems well and make sure to find the actual reason for the problem and find the correct solution. Only then we can solve the problems without any hindrances.

How To Fix HP Printer Error 0xc0000185 ?

As we have mentioned earlier, to solve the problem, we need to understand the problem and go deep into it.  Fix HP Printer Error 0xc0000185 is not a very tough one. In this problem, there are things which you can face:

  • The system might turn on, but with an error message
  • The system says” recovery your PC/ device repair”
  • The required device cannot be connected or accessed

If you are facing this kind of problems, then you have come to the right place. Follow the given steps to solve your problem:

  • Shutdown the computer using your power button
  • Switch on the power button to start up the computer
  • As soon as the computer turns on press the escape key before any logo appears which opens an HP startup menu.
  • Press F2 to run system diagnostics. Follow the steps system tests and then quick tests. Follow the steps which will reboot the memory and HDD for the device and start your computer
  • Before everything make sure that you save the documents.

Follow the steps to solve the problems and enjoy uninterrupted services from your device. Even if that does not solve your problems, please contact the customer care service provider for your device.

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